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Tim Kirk (Continued)

Kirk Design has worked with a fascinating array of clients - from Aimee Semple McPherson's (she was the first female evangelist to preach on the radio in the 1920's) Church of the Four Square Gospel and The Aquarium of the Pacific, to the Metropolitan Water Board of Los Angeles and Lotte World in Tokyo. I did concept work for a Disney Pictures film, "The Haunted Mansion." We have recently begun working with Imagineering again as consultants. In June, 2004, the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame opened in Seattle - the first permanent museum installation devoted solely to the world of science fiction in all media. Kirk Design was the design company responsible for the concept and execution of this project, which was funded by Paul Allen - co-founder of Microsoft with Bill Gates. This was a particularly exciting job for me, obviously, and very close to my heart. We had a great design and production team, and have a formidable Board of Advisors, including Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Harlan Ellison, Ray Bradbury and James Cameron.

Do I have any sage advice for budding artists? Probably it would be to "follow your bliss" (as Joseph Campbell put it) as much as you possibly can. If you can make a living doing it, all the better - as long as you don't stop enjoying it. I have been truly blessed in my life - a patient, loving wife, a supportive family, and great work to do. My main regret is that I almost always took the safe paths, and usually avoided the riskier ones. So: don't be afraid to take chances when you're young - believe me, it gets harder the older you get. Never pass up a promising opportunity. Never allow yourself to be seduced by your own success; it can vanish overnight. I've been lucky, but luck will get you only so far. And always, always remember that talent - without determination and perseverance - is not enough. Guard your integrity - your reputation is one of your most precious possessions. Stay curious. Be happy. Love someone.




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