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I remember the Nebulas themselves very well. Quinn gave me a banquet ticket and I sat at Fritz Leiber's table. He spoke with a gent there about the death of his wife. Bloch, on the dais, lamented the ink and paper wasted on fanzines - but delighted Marilyn and Chip Delany when he announced "Time Considered as a Helix of Semi-Precious Stones" as the winner of the Best Short Story Nebula.

Ellison won the Best Novella honor for "A Boy and His Dog". He simply thanked the crowd and sat down.

Winner of the big Nebula of the night was Ursula K. LeGuin, for her masterpiece, The Left Hand of Darkness. Quinn had told me to snap candid shots of her during the conference, which - since Ms. LeGuin was so camera-shy - made me feel like a heel. She was so pleased by the award, however, that she endured my flash with charm. She also autographed my copy of the book, viz:

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