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was my first exposure to real science fiction fans, and my adventure at the 1970 Nebula Awards began with them. Weekly we met at J. Ben Stark's house for a talk - Greg Benford spoke at my very first meeting - and then retired to the bar underneath the bridge on the Berkeley waterfront. Sid Rogers, Jerry Jacks, and the beloved Chelsea Quinn Yarbro were among the necessaries ...

To the right, Jerry again, with Mike Ward behind him. We lost Jerry some years ago, but Mike is still with us and still pitchin' ...


There is no way I could overstate the warmth and the wonderfulness of the inestimable Quinn. The story of our meeting is legendary - and will ride a future Challenger. Here, at Quinn's home, Samuel R. Delany sits in the shadows ... another gentle genius far too kind to me in the nervy days of my young fanhood.


Count St. Germain still in her future, Quinn it was who asked me to take photographs of the Nebula banquet, who gave me the ticket on the previous page, who watched over my neoish nonsense and kept the assembled artists from tossing me out, bodily. Yes, someday I'll tell the story of how she'd become my fannish Mama, thanks to my fannish Papa ...

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