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Behold an adventure from my early life in fandom ...





Imagine: you're 21 years old. A student at Berkeley. A science fiction fan.






You've managed to ingratiate yourself into one of the most fabulous SF clubs in the country. One of your friends therein - one of the most terrific people you've ever known or will ever know - taps you to come to the west coast meeting of the Science Fiction Writers of America ... as its Official
Photographer. You are to record for posterity the events and the personalities, and their awards ... the "Nubble-Bubbles" ... the Nebulas.

Imagine ...

The skinny, hairy creature to the left is that self-same 21-year-old - me, Guy H. Lillian III. The friend was Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. The year was 1970. And here are the photos I took that magical moment with the SFWA - one of the grandest days of my youth.  

     The Little Men
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