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 We Also Herded In: Patricia Steele, Peggy Rae Sapienza (“I almost started this letter using the old fannish ‘Gosh, Wow! Oh Boy! Oh Boy!’” blush), Binker Hughes, Rodney Leighton, Naomi Fisher, Sheryl Birkhead, Linda Krawecke, Craig Hilton, Joey Grillot, Fred Chappell

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Tom Feller

The Xerps in 2010 party at a convention had several issues of Weekly World News. The one I picked up had an article about the ghost of Charlie Chan working on the Chandra Levy disappearance. The article included a picture of Sidney Toler, if I remember correctly, and one of Victor Sen-Yung. However, they labeled the picture of Sen-Yung as Number One Son. As anyone who has the slight bit of American cultural literacy knows, Keye Luke played Number One Son, Sen-Yung played Number Two. Consequently, the tabloid lost all credibility with me.



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