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       Well, you win some and you lose some. Teddy Harvia is right in his cartoon below. Challenger didn't win the Hugo at ConJose, the 2002 worldcon. It came in fifth. It's all right, though; I'm simply grateful ... for the nomination, for the egoboo, even for the delicious, maddening suspense of Hugo night, even though we spent it in a motel in Thibodaux, Louisiana.

       Missing ConJose was infinitely more of a downer – for us both. Rosy had read my account of my drive to Confrancisco in 1993, and very much wanted to relive that epic desert journey with me. But Mr. Money – not much of a friend in 2002 – proclaimed there was No Way.

       Of course, you also win some. This winter, Rosy and I ran for the honor of serving as DUFF delegates at Australia's Swancon in 2003. That one, we won.

       I am extremely pleased and honored by this. Our noble rivals Mike & Linda McInerney ran a righteously fun campaign and I'm delighted to be considered even competitive with such classy folks. The list of previous Down Under Fan Fund winners includes many fans I number among my best mates – note Ozzie-ism – in fandom. Roger and Pat Sims. Pat Molloy and Naomi Fisher. Leah and Dick Smith. David and Diana Thayer. They represent this hobby at its height of friendliness and character and ability and charm. To be included among them is astonishing – for me, anyway. Rose-Marie has always exemplified those qualities. Now I must, as her partner, and we look forward to it. Hmm ... how about a Mardi Gras party at Swancon?

Now I get to find out if I can do it … ride an airplane across the Pacific. I am, you see, a notorious flight-o-phobe, who once drank seven screwdrivers to endure a one-hour plane ride. Will I down 140 screwdrivers to get through a 20-hour plane ride? Twice?

       I'll do it! I'll do it! Be damned if I won't! Without the booze! And all for Rosy! I've done my last selfish thing where she is concerned. Besides which, I really do want to climb Hanging Rock.


               Much nice word has come to us about our last issue, Challenger #16. While I'm gratified by the response gleaned by my R.A. Lafferty memorial, I have to admit that I wasn't particularly pleased with the zine; in fact, I thought it showed some truly stark weaknesses.


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