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When I go to Sleep...

… I am a science fiction fan. Within the realms of Morpheus I do fan activity. I have several kinds of sequential dreams and a number of them concern fandom.

      One dream sequence involves trying to find the registration desk so I can get my badge and attend the convention. Much like a Kafka novel, I am situated in an endless hotel lobby, and greet dozens and dozens of people, have endless wonderful conversations and move on to the direction of the registration desk. The desk in question often moves, winds up on another floor and has signs on it that read: "Go to Information desk", or "Register in hotel suite", and I move on, greeting more people and conversations go on and on. I never do find the desk, but often wander in front of the huckster room, which I am not allowed to enter until I have registered. I get tired in this scenario, because I am wearing a backpack and carrying a suitcase.

      The other major dream sequence is simply called "The Elevator." I am in one and I am surrounded by people. The door opens. People get off, people get on. I talk and talk as people enter and leave. Often more than one door opens up at a time. I never budge and seem content with the situation. I, after all, am getting to see just about everyone at the convention.

      I've had this dream only twice: I am in the huckster room, looking for one dealer and one book the dealer has for me. I cannot find him and fear I may never get that particular book. It seems to be a multi-sized worldcon huckster room, with several floors and rooms. I find everything else, but not the specific dealer with the singular book. I don't recall if I had registered for the convention.

      Last sequence of dreams has to do with getting fans together and going out for a meal. It takes forever, and some people drop out, some people show up and others invite themselves along. I find these dreams odd and comforting, though they are people by fans I do not see often enough, and often the fans are those who have passed away. Like the outcomes of the other sequences of dreams, we never do sit down and have a meal. At least this way, I am not presented with a bill.

Robert Whitaker Sirignano 


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